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Currently, all the restaurants of the group, which consists of more than 27 brands, are located in Baku. It's the country's largest chain of restaurants, including local, Pan Asian, European, Mexican, Arabic, and Indian cuisines, as well as Baku branches of world brands such as BigChefs, and Pidem.

Our goal is to offer our guests the most delicious dishes of local and world cuisine while having a good time with their loved ones. Our employees, always open to innovation and development, are working on new projects. As a result, we have expanded our customer service area with new brands and concepts year after year. But it is not enough for us, so we are working on innovations and development according to customer needs and market requirements. Thank you for choosing us. Bon appetit!

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At the core of our business stands the unshakeable commitment to integrity. For us, it means doing what is right. Every time. All the time. Even when no one sees you.


We generate profits for the benefit of our shareholders and the society at large. In fact, it is today’s profit that lays the foundation of the sustainable business and serves for maintaining the competitive edge.


We seek new opportunities and are ready to take bold steps – do things and go places others don’t dare to. We don’t fear challenges but view them as opportunities to grow.


The outside world will always judge us by the quality of the product or service we deliver. And the quality of our work is directly proportional to the dedication and professionalism of our staff.


When we collaborate with clients, partners and suppliers we far exceed market expectations. The impact of these synergies far surpasses that of any individual contribution.

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BEGOC Business Center, 93, Zarifa Aliyeva str. 3rd floor
AZ1000, Baku, Azerbaijan

+994 12 404 48 00

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