SAFFRON Restaurant Group
153 Neftchiler Ave
AZ1010, Baku, Azerbaijan
Atelier Vivanda : Steak House
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Address : 153 Neftchilar Avenue
AZ1010 Baku, Azerbaijan

Opening Hours:
Tue.- Sun.
Monday – Closed

Tel : (012) 404 82 04
E-mail :


History of Atelier Vivanda started in autumn 2012. French chief Akrame

Benallal the owner of 2 Michelin stars opened a small but very cozy gastronomic restaurant right in the heart of Paris, in 16th arrondissement. The main champion here became a qualitative meat. The foun-

ders of Atelier Vivanda have saying about it: “We know the pedigree of each bull that is on your plate.”

Laconic interior, towels instead of napkins, simple village utensils and the branded 

bottle of oil on each table – in 

Atelier Vivanda nothing distracts you from the main point – food!


Exemplary steaks-ribeye, tibon, and flank come to life on scorching grill table. The meat is harmoniously completed with 

delicious potato dishes, that are so loved in France. You will find grata, soups, salads, croquettes and a dozen of seasonal dishes made from local products in the menu. 

The best meat all over the world, 

nourishing hot potato dishes and the glass of a simple good wine. That is how a 

perfect dinner in Atelier Vivanda looks 

like-nothing redundant, only amazing tastes and tender shapes.


Atelier Vivanda’s compact, cozy space is the mix of vintage spirit with real, 

natural materials. Rough leather, hardened steel of clients personal named knives, raw wood, mosaic floor, and warm colors – interior is inspired by nature and as founders of Atelier Vivanda say, by cows themselves. The kitchen is open so everyone can observe the work of French chiefs. “Simple and easy”, that is the credo of cuisine, interior and the team of Atelier Vivanda.

The main reason for you to come to Atelier Vivanda is the high quality meat from America, Holland and France, which is cooked by the most talented chiefs. 

Gastronomic critics all over the world 

support your idea – as in 2013 the first 

Atelier Vivanda Restaurant got the Bib 

Gouramand nomination from Michelin Guide. In 2015 gastronomic Atelier Vivanda project stepped outside France and first went to Hong Kong and Manila and now it has come to Baku. It was a long time that a small Atelier Vivanda Baku team carefully prepared for the opening so you can fall in love with the French cuisine from the first spoon or fork! The gastronomic piece of 

Paris is located on Neftchiler ave. 153/ PORT BAKU.